Geomancy Reading and Study Group

Geomancy workshiop table

Table at the first geomancy workshop in Portland, Nov. 2016, with instructor Kiyan Fox.

I host an ongoing geomantic divination reading and study group for beginners using John Michael Greer’s book The Art and Practice of Geomancy.  Please join us if you are interested!

UPDATE, APRIL 2017: The geomancy study group has been put on hold indefinitely.  Interest in it has been minimal, while interest in my other work is increasing, so it makes more sense to devote my time to other things.  If the situation changes, I will consider starting the geomancy group at a later date.  I’m leaving the description and info here for reference.

Greer writes:

“…geomancy has deep roots in Renaissance occult philosophy, and its own traditions of meditation and ritual magic.  It forms a complete system of divination, magic, and spiritual practice founded on an ancient vision of the Earth as a living, conscious entity.”

WHAT: Geomancy (divination) reading and study group

WHERE: The Black Stone Hermitage in downtown Portland, OR

WHEN: 7-9 PM, Fourth Sunday of each month

BRING: Your copy of the book, if you wish, and any questions for discussion.
(Note: the book can also be read in full online here.)

COST: No admission fee.  This is gift work I provide as a community service.  It’s made possible by the support of many people, with special thanks to patrons of the Hermitage on Patreon.

AGENDA: At each meeting we will do a quick introduction and check-in and discuss one or more chapters of the Greer book.  We will cast a geomantic chart for one querent and collectively analyze the results.


1) The Hermitage is a small space.  It can comfortably seat five people, no more, so please contact me at shrine.of.skadi AT gmail dot com to let me know you will attend, so I can be sure there will be a seat for you.  You will be given the address when you confirm.

2) I will serve tea.  Feel free – but not obligated – to bring snacks.

You can work through the Greer book at your own pace.  I will have a copy available for reference.  My copy of Stephen Skinner’s book Geomancy in Theory & Practice, will also be available.  But as a beginner, it’s possible to learn everything you need to get started in geomancy through Greer’s book alone.

Other geomancy references can be found through:

  • The Digital Ambler, aka Sam Block, who is working on a book about geomancy that will certainly be a must-have when it becomes available.  In the meantime, his site is a treasure trove of helpful material on geomancy.
  • Kiyan Fox, who teaches great geomancy workshops in the Pacific Northwest, and reads at Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle.
Divination tools and reference material at the Hermitage

Divination tools and reference material at the Hermitage