Pagan & Polytheist Monasticism Discussion Group

prayer-statueIf you’re on Facebook and interested in Pagan and Polytheist monasticism, and are in agreement with our guidelines (see below), you can request membership to our closed fellowship and discussion group.  I am a co-admin for the group, and have been so pleased by the outpouring of interest.

The group is supportive, community-driven, and full of brilliant writers.  Our guidelines were inspired by the My Polytheism project founded by Jolene Dawe, which is a space of sacred hospitality focused on celebrating diversity in polytheism.  This wonderful project was recently featured in The Wild Hunt in a recent article by Crystal Blanton – I was interviewed alongside Alley Valkyrie, Celestine Nox, and Yvonne Aburrow for this piece.

Soon after the monasticism discussion group started, founder and co-admin Merri-Todd Webster wrote:

It’s like people have just been dying to talk about this stuff.  Starting the group was definitely the best idea I’ve had in years. I think my gods must have been nudging me.

I’ve certainly wished for such a group for many years. I often thought of starting one myself, but kept hesitating for all kinds of reasons.  I’m so glad Merri-Todd took the initiative!

Almost as soon as the virtual doors of the place were opened in September 2016, the outpouring started.  We were expecting there to be a just a handful of us, so we’ve been floored by the level of interest and enthusiasm.  We had over 50 members within the first 48 hours, and as of this writing we have 125. Clearly there’s a need out there that we hadn’t known about.

Group description and guidelines:

This group is for supportive, friendly discussion of monasticism as a form of pagan and polytheist life. We are here to celebrate our diversity, inspire and support one another, and to foster community through respectful sharing of resources and personal experiences. We are not interested in debate, arguments, or in telling others they are doing it wrong. There are plenty of other places you can go for that sort of discussion.

There are no established monastic traditions within modern paganism and polytheism, but it’s clear that the need for them is growing, so some of us are working toward building traditions ourselves. We take inspiration from monastic traditions in other religions, but because there is no roadmap to follow we have a great deal of room for experimenting, with all the pros and cons that go along with that sort of freedom.

We do not tolerate bullying or mean-spirited mockery in the group. Disagreement is fine; personal attacks are not. Discussion should be constructive – you should always aim to build people up, not tear them down.

We aim to be a welcoming, accessible space for newcomers and seasoned folks alike. We value hospitality and showing genuine appreciation! We reject bigotry in all forms – racism, sexism, queer-bashing, or any other form of bigotry will result in the member being deleted and blocked.

It is expected that anyone who is a member agrees with and accepts these terms.

Please note: The admins reserve the right to refuse membership requests at their discretion.

We invite new members to post an introduction with a bit about your background and how you became interested in pagan and polytheist monasticism. Just a sentence or two is fine, but if you want to write more, you’re welcome to do so. Intros are not required, but they are appreciated!